The User Onboarding Toolkit

Grab our most popular user onboarding templates with a guide from onboarding expert and best-selling author of Product-led Onboarding, Ramli John. Get all the templates plus an introductory video that walks you through exactly how to use them for maximum impact.


What's included

Crafting a successful user onboarding experience takes careful planning and some good old fashioned inspiration. We've put together everything you need to onboard your users in style.

Plus a BONUS video where Ramli John walks through exactly how to use each template.

User onboarding flow audit template (map key steps in onboarding)

5-step growth flow review template (to uncover growth opportunities)

User onboarding flow swipe file (with 73 onboarding examples)

Onboarding drop-off analysis (to identify user friction points)

Branched free trial onboarding template (a Miro template)

User onboarding checklist (17 key items to check)

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