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Product-led growth can look different for every business (think virality, distribution models, pricing, etc), but one core tenet is unanimous: product adoption. Put simply, if users aren’t successfully adopting and increasingly using your product, your business will struggle to grow.

Last month, I gave a talk about aligning your organization around product adoption to get ahead of churn and boost revenue. I explained how our team developed a simple product adoption score (PAS), made it a top-level KPI, then used it to inform strategies and tactics across the org.

The results? Quite impressive, if I do say so myself. 

Anyway, I thought of you all and decided to write a PLGC article based on that talk. Check it out to learn why and how we created our first PAS, and tips for making a PAS work for your business. Enjoy!

Keep learning. Keep growing.

Eric Keating Eric Keating
Founding Member, PLGC
VP Marketing, Appcues


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